Customs and "Bad Habits" in the first Countries of Culture

by Karl Juergen Hepke

The from "gods" received orders for the relations of men among themselves and to the gods were interpreted by the priests increasingly in sometimes very human sense especially when the handing over of the orders laid far ago. Than plaid often a deciding roll the from the evolution of men on earth coming interests like power, profil seeking and also human desires, for example of erotic type.

The divine orders had in the point of sexual relations among men allowed a big liberty, for this area was not theirs and they themselves, after the mythical tradition of all countries of culture as far as Greece and Rome, delighted themselves in their human incarnations with this special quality of earth.
It was absolutely far away from them, to issue any restrictions at this area. In contrary, they were very interested in a fast increasing of men, for the tasks

which were to do at earth could be done increasingly by them.

In this sense must be seen also the order of Ishtar, that every woman obliged to give herself to a strange man at least one time in her life, better more often, as a sacrifice to Ishtar. This order should, besides its men joining character, prevent, that women, out of however what reason, were released from the duty to take care for the development and continued existence of mankind by their descendants. This was a point where met divine interests and human tendencies, based on the earth-bound origin of men. And so was acted for a long time in this divine and also human wish with big naturalness and widespread satisfaction. The temple of Ishtar was in all towns one of the biggest and most frequented.
This was naturally also in the sense of the priests of Ishtar, who were initially only women. But obviously reached also men, at least in some towns of
Phoenicia, to provide a part of the priesthood and with that began the problem, which in the eyes of outsiders the whole arrangement put into question. After their opinion this injured the honour of women.

So is known from the bible an intensive polemic against the customs of Kanaan and also the conditions in Babylon, which is called "whore" are again and again sharply condemned. With that it was very near, to attribute the sinking of Tharsis/Atlantis to a punishment by god for the, in the view of the strict teachers of the Hebrews, rambling sexual life in the towns of the Atlantian empire.

To the clarified men of today are these customs no more so strange as they were for Orthodox jews and christian Puritan . There are even in the modern criticism of the bible first signs to understand these assertions only as pure polemic for dissociation. For the religion of Moses had for a long time big problems to overcome against the old religion , which was much more near to the natural requirements of men.


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